Math Credit Recovery Program

MATH CREDIT RECOVERY PROGRAM This program is designed to give students a personalized path at a personalized rate to meet their high school math requirements. Students will have a learning coach assigned to them to help move through the course and there will be a math teacher or tutor in the learning center to help […]

Where Are Meridian Seniors Going to College?

WHERE ARE MERIDIAN SENIORS GOING TO COLLEGE? From Washington D.C. to Utah, take a look at where our Meridian Seniors will be attending college in the fall. MinJae Kim: George Washington DC University Junho Ha: Penn State University Dain Choi: University of Utah Anna Ha: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Meridian School will return to a non-profit corporation at the end of this fiscal year. In the fall of 2010, after Meridian School had closed its doors, a group of Meridian School parents, including a group based in Beijing, China, invested in Meridian School to reopen its doors and build upon its […]