School Philosophy

Meridian School continues in the tradition of classical education, with a core knowledge and liberal arts emphasis. We are a learning community that supports personal excellence among both students and faculty. Faculty use the Meridian Curriculum, which relies upon Utah State Core and Core Knowledge as a general guide for course subject matter, and then expand on those standards and content to provide more dynamic, hands-on learning experiences.  Meridian gives consistent attention to the improvement of curriculum and methods of teaching in order to improve educational opportunities for all children.  Parental presence in the school and participation in activities are strongly encouraged.  The school maintains collaborative relationships with local governments, public education, and colleges and universities across the nation and world.

Curriculum Overview/Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for Meridian students are a reflection of the school’s commitment to the liberal arts tradition of education. Prior to graduation all Meridian students must complete a rigorous core curriculum in English, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language.  A variety of non-core electives in the fine arts and sciences add breadth to a Meridian student’s experience.  The Meridian graduation requirements are designed to prepare students for success at the best colleges and universities in the world.