Meridian School Experience

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Meridian School Experience

Personal Learning

Meridian School provides an education model that allows students to direct their learning through the core requirements of a high school diploma. Our curriculum is designed to be competency based, meaning that students earn credit as they show mastery in their subject area. We are dedicated to finding ways to give students more control over the time, place, path, and pace of their education. This means that a student, with the help of mentors, coaches, and educational technology could determine a way to finish all of their high school math credits over two years, rather than four. This also means they could travel to the Channel Islands with their Marine Biology class and create a team project that allows them to show mastery in both Biology and Language Arts core standards. The key to this model is providing students with mentorship and curriculum that will help them discover and develop their passion for life and learning.

Global Perspective

As our world becomes smaller and smaller, we know that our students lives will increasingly be intertwined with societies, economies, and cultures from across the globe. Whether our students choose careers where they are creating software solutions for banks, or treating patients in Southern California, they will be impacted by colleagues from other cultures, laws from other lands, and shifts in others’ societal values. Meridian School is dedicated to providing a faculty, student body, and curriculum that will allow students to wrestle with these issues in their formative years. By diving into these issues with peers and mentors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities students will be prepared to succeed and lead in our global marketplace.

Campuses & Partner Schools

Meridian School partners with schools that are dedicated to innovation and excellence to provide multiple learning opportunities. Students can experience all of the benefits of sports programs, student government, theater dance, and much more. All of Meridian School’s programs are currently taught in a School-within-a-school model at our partner school beautiful campuses. Students are enrolled at both Meridian School the partner school that they choose and all of the partner school’s classes and programs are available options for them to choose.