Head of School Message

Head of School Message

My Meridian School journey began in 2002 when I enrolled my daughter in Kindergarten.  Right away I noticed something very special about the faculty and students.  The inclusive care, excited tenacity, love of learning… I could feel it all in the air.  It was electric.  I knew I had stumbled on to something great.

Over 15 years later now, for me, Meridian is still a place of inspiration and amazement. It is still a unique place that attracts innovative and talented minds.  It is a place where a basketball team captain is also in the dance concert, where science team members also publish poetry with their English teacher, and where a discussion about global issues can include students from China, France, Brazil, and Korea.

As a school we have an awesome responsibility to instruct, inspire, and empower our students.  Our world will continue to change at an ever increasing pace.  There is a great danger across all education institutions that we may be preparing students for an economy and a society that may have drastically changed by the time they graduate.  So Meridian is focused on preparing students with timeless skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.  We believe that the core academic subjects have less value as content now, but are still excellent tools for teaching these skills.  On any given day in a Meridian School classroom you are more likely to see students preparing to give a lecture on Biology than listening to a lecture on Biology.  You are also more likely to see foreign students attempting to create a video report in English than being tested on rules in grammar.  And, you are far more likely to see teachers asking students to articulate their learning goals for the week, rather than giving them deadlines.

We know that when students are armed with the skills they need to succeed they can find their passion and succeed in almost any area in life.  Developing these skills, however, takes an environment where practicing and failure are as important as performing and succeeding.  Even more, this skill development can only happen with mentorship from caring and determined faculty that understand the importance of human connection and relationships.  Meridian is a place where students from all backgrounds and all learning styles thrive because of a talented and caring faculty that continually challenge each other to create environments that inspire creativity and value each individual’s contributions.

We would love to share the Meridian School experience with you and with your students.  Please come by to any of our campuses and classrooms and see for yourself how education can be reimagined.

Tasi Young, J.D.
Head of School