Grading Policy

Meridian School Courses are competency based, meaning all courses are designed so that if a student completes the assignments they have basic competency in the subject matter and receive a “Pass” grade. If students are seeking mastery of the subject they can achieve a letter grade from a “B-” to an “A” with the corresponding points (below) that are averaged into a GPA on their Meridian School transcript.

Grade Points
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7

All requirements for completing assignments, participation, tests, and projects are course specific. All coursework is graded by the respective course Teacher or Teacher Assistant (TA). The FINAL grade for each course will be determined by the requirements and the grading that is designed by the teacher and outlined in the course syllabus. An example of a course syllabus grade explanation is below:


Passing Grade: competency for a “P” grade is demonstrated by completing each assignment in the course (except assignments with the GPA designation). “P” grades qualify for credit towards graduation, but do not receive points towards a Grade Point Average (GPA).

GPA Grade: After meeting all requirements for a passing grade (listed above), students must also complete all assignments with the GPA designation. Also, students must come into the Learning Center for other course work including any assigned workshops, collaboration projects, or paper tests. Once coursework is turned in, it will be graded and according to the following categories:

Homework & Participation
Assignments graded based on completion and any required attendance and participation.
Paper Tests & Projects
Paper Tests—Classes are divided into units which will have a paper test that must be completed at the Learning Center.

80% Rule—Paper tests must be passed with an 80% or above in order to receive credit.

Test Corrections—If students achieve less than 80%, they must make test corrections, by showing their work on the incorrect problems. After the test has been corrected students will be retested only on the questions and concepts that they missed on the original test.

Test Retake—Students can retake any test only if they make corrections on the previous test taken. Students will receive full points on successful retakes.

Project—For some courses students will have the opportunity to complete projects, which will have the same weight as a paper test and be subject to the 80% rule. The grading rubric for each project will be provided by the teacher and will vary depending on the subject matter.


100 – 94: A   93.9 – 90: A-   89.9 – 87: B+   86.9 – 84: B   83.9 – 80:B-   79.9 – 60: P