How is Meridian School Dealing with COVID-19?

COVID- 19 UPDATE: A letter from our Head of School regarding the Coronavirus

Dear Meridian Families,

I hope you are doing well during this very uncertain time. We have been working closely with our partner schools, Merit Academy and Providence Hall, to adhere to all of the latest recommendations and restrictions from Utah State health departments and the United States Center for Disease and Control (CDC).  We have made phone calls to personally contact all of our students and their host families.  ALL STUDENTS and host families are healthy and safe and have all the supplies they need.  I am very proud of our teachers, staff, and students. Everyone has been creative, calm, and cooperative. Here is an update on our current school status:

  • School closure. All schools in Utah have been closed until May 1st. Also, we have been advised not to hold any group meetings, classes, or other gatherings with more than 10 people. 
  • On-line coursework.  As you can see in the picture below, we have been doing online courses and study sessions.  We will continue to make the best with the tools that we have. 
Mrs. Lorri-Sue Blunt held her first class online today.
  • Contact. We will be individually contacting each student several times a week, either by phone or online conference. We will notify you if there are any concerns. The photos below are of students receiving care packages to let them know that we care about them and that we miss them.


Tasi Young, J.D.

Head of School


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