Yellowstone Summer Trip

Yellowstone Excursion

Summer has been started off right with a trip to Yellowstone! For the Chinese exchange students that have been with us for a few months, we were able to plan a great trip to Yellowstone to really give them a memorable American experience. There were so many things that they saw and learned in such a short time and so many new experiences for them! For the week leading up to the trip, we learned all about the amazing aspects of Yellowstone including the geological features, the wildlife, and the different vegetation. It was a fun way to work on improving their English as well as a chance to learn about an extremely unique part of the world that they’ve been living relatively close to for the past few months.
Bear World
For our first stop of the trip, we went to Bear World which is a couple hours outside of Yellowstone and it is filled with free-roaming wildlife that are native to Yellowstone National Park but may be hard or rare for people to actually come across when inside the actual park. We had the awesome experience of driving through Bear World for a guided wildlife tour where we were able to feed the bear and the other various animals from the safety of a very high truck.
Yellowstone National Park
In the evening of the first day, we took a quick drive through Yellowstone and stopped for a couple hikes and to see some of the geysers and hot pots before it got too dark and we headed back to the hotel for the night. The next morning we woke up early to make it to a ranger lead hike to Mystic Falls. The ranger explained more about the geology of the park and it was a relatively easy hike to the beautiful falls where we stopped at and had lunch. After the hike, we went over to see Old Faithful and to take a small rest for the day. Our next stop of the day was West Thumb, which is full of hot pots and mud pots and is right on the edge of the Yellowstone Lake.
Idaho Potato Museum
On our way home we were able to stop at the Idaho Potato Museum. It was a fun and quick stop at a unique place! Overall, it was a great trip, and everyone gained new friendships, tried new things, and had great experiences!

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