Asian New Year 2018

The group posing with the Dragon Dancers!

Asian New Year Party 2018

Bringing in the Year of the Dog!
This year’s Asian New Year was a blast! From egg smashing to one-legged battles to musical chairs, the whole night was full of fun and games!¬†For food, we had a some of the students make homemade sushi, eggrolls, and dumplings. There were also many snacks from all different Asian countries that our America students got to try! It was a night of trying new things and learning about other people’s traditions!
Some students hanging out and enjoying the fun music!
Two students competing to see who can stay on one leg the longest without falling over!
Many of the students doing a dance that they had choreographed from cheerleading to the fun music!
Dancing and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
There was also music playing from all different countries as well! We had some fun K-pop mixed in with some different Chinese artists and some Japanese songs as well! It was fun to see all the different types of music and the students all danced and enjoyed the music together! Another fun thing that we had was some dragon dancers! They did a traditional dance with a dragon costume, if the dragon hit you with cabbage that meant you’d have luck for the year! To end the night we had students write their wishes that they were hoping to happen in the upcoming year onto paper lanterns. After all the lanterns were filled with wishes, we went outside and lit our lanterns and sent them up into the sky. It was a great way to end a fantastic night!
Some of the students smashing eggs on each other’s heads and getting pretty messy!
The students compete to see who will be reigning musical chairs champion!
Student’s writing their wishes for the new year on the paper lanterns
Right after lighting a lantern, the students steady it right before it rises
All the lantern floating away with all of the New Year wishes written on them

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