“Hollywood Premiere”

Prom 2016

Meridian students had a fun time at the “Hollywood Premiere” dancing the night away and walking down the red carpet. Prom is an end of the year formal dance where students gather for a night of fun! Prom10 Alessandro Guzzon and Katharina Gobel shined on the red carpet. Prom11 (800x578) Johanna Hartmann had fun with her silly date, Jorge Flores! Prom16 (800x533) Andres Aguilar, Rachel Harker, Elisabeth Grace, Junbo Sim, HyeRim Lim, Grace Yoon, Arielle Lupo (left to right). Prom21 (800x533) Our wonderful director Tasi and his beautiful wife Leah who helped to chaperone the dance! Prom22 (800x583) Andres and Rachel finding love on the Hollywood scene. Prom24 (800x566) Nguyen Huy and Olivia Cole’s ship didn’t sink at this dance. Instead, they had an incredible time together! Prom27 (800x602) Nguyen Huy, Paul Re, and Jonathon Frey goofing off and having fun! Prom1 (800x533) The boys are back in town! (top row, left to right) Jinhyeon Park, Alessandro Guzzon, Ignacio Avila, and Franz Braun. (bottom row, left to right) Jorge Flores, AJ Soto, and Daniel Quevedo. Prom7 (800x533) Jin with his stunning date, Dlaine Deng! Prom5 (800x533) Prom3 (800x533) “Girls just wanna have fun!” (Top row, left to right) Dlaine Deng, Johanna Hartmann, Katharina Gobel, and Jocelyn Fast (bottom row, left to right) Jess Swapp, Jade Slim, and Brooklyn Thompson. Prom12 (800x533) Prom18 (800x533) Prom23 (800x574) Prom9 (800x533)

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