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Create Con 2016

Create Con 2016 was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came and participated, and a gigantic thank you to The Wonderment for hosting us and having fun with us!

Kids Voices – Global Summit from The Wonderment on Vimeo.

createcong (800x533) Getting to know each other activities and fun games before lunch! createconf2 (800x533) createconf1 (800x533) createconp (800x533) createconj5 (800x533) createconj4 (800x533) createconb7 (800x533) The scavenger hunt around Salt Lake! Everyone had to go to certain places and take crazy pictures with certain things as a group! createcond (800x800) createcond2 (800x800) createconb8 (533x800) createconj2 (800x600) createconj (765x800) createconb (800x600) Hanging out and telling stories! createconr (800x533) createcond6 (800x533) createconh4 (800x533) createconf (800x655) createcona (800x616) createconj3 (800x525) createcone (800x613) createconh1 (800x701) We had the awesome opportunity to meet some new friends. There were refugees from different countries that we were able to get to know and make pinatas with! createcont1 (800x512) createconr3 (800x619) createconr1 (800x642) createconr10 (800x533) createconh2 (800x533) createcone1 (800x673) createconr2 (800x552) createcona2 (800x688) createconr4 (800x539) createconr7 (800x533) createconr9 (800x533) createconb9 (800x533) createconr8 (800x533) createconr12 (800x533) Destroying the Pinatas!! createconj6 (533x800) createconr11 (533x800) createconk2 (533x800) createconh (800x751) createconb6 (800x621) createconr5 (772x800) Our different tribes! createconk1 (800x533) createconb3 (800x651) createcond5 (800x581) createcone2 (800x790) Everyone had a lot of fun and it was definitely a weekend that will be remembered! Thank you everyone again who were able to join us to create this amazing Create Con 2016!

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