Wonderment Activity

Bubble Cultural Activity

For our cultural activity this month the students got together to follow a path from The Wonderment, a non-profit organization that helps connect kids from all over the world. Their mission is for  “… kids [to] deepen their connection to the world, expand their awareness of each other and strengthen their confidence and ability to make an impact.” – The Wonderment, What Do We Do. By following this specific path on The Wonderment, our students help raise the wondermeter which in turn will help a Wonderment project happen. These Wonderment projects help spread good around the world. The students mixed different things together to try to make the perfect bubble solution. It was harder than it looks! IMG_6234 (800x600) IMG_6237 (800x600) IMG_6230 (800x600) IMG_6238 (600x800) IMG_6240 (600x800) IMG_6241 (800x600) None of the bubble solutions actually made any bubbles, but everyone had fun mixing everything together and trying!

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