Meridian School student recognized for achievements

Meridian School student recognized for achievements

This 14th annual success syllabus isn’t about teenagers out of the blue. These young learners are true-blue academics, athletes, leaders, performers and entrepreneurs — and their teachers, advisers, administrators and local journalists are taking notice.

We’ve done the impossible and categorized them by their world-changing strengths. Please take notes on their personal mottoes, their social media habits and what they plan to do after they toss the graduation cap. And yes, this information will be on (life’s) test.

The Academics

All 17 students in this year’s feature are college-bound, AP-test taking seniors. But these four are most likely to change the world with their pure brain power. Haosheng Li goes to Meridian High School. (Photos by Dave Blackhurst)


Haosheng Li

Meridian High School

Parents: Hongxia Zhao and Bo Li

Haosheng Li or “Shawn” moved to Utah Valley from China two years ago, and he’s been fully fluent in success ever since. At Meridian High, Haosheng established Medical Mafia, in which students participate in mock triage and even witness live surgeries. Haosheng also diagnosed leadership opportunities by serving as senior class secretary, performing in glee club, and being named president of International Club at Meridian. He also completed an internship with BYU Biomedical research. But he’s not “all resume.” Haosheng’s teachers say he is liked by everyone. Translation? Shawn will change the world.

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